Stainless Steel Canister

We are manufacturing various canisters, its capacities are from several tens cc to several tens L.

The feature of our canisters:
  • Superior welding/polishing technique
  • All parts are made in Japan
  • Original electro-polishing technique on the welding part etc.
Our high-quality canisters are widely used in ALD/CVD process.

Our canisters are carefully manufactured by the experienced staffs based on customer’s request. We can propose the optimum canister which is most suitable for the precursor characteristics, intended application, and your system.


Small Canister

Small canisters for R&D (several tens cc ~ several hundred cc).
We are designing/manufacturing various small canisters.
You can select the optimum canister most suitable for your process (for liquid precursors, solid precursors etc.)


Large Canister

Large canisters for mass production (1L ~ several tens L).
All canisters will be specially designed in order to fulfill the customers’ requirements (precursor, process, capacity etc.


Machined Canister

Please click the external link below to GO Element (Korea)


UN Approval

We can design/manufacturer the special canisters which can contain chemical products.
Also, we can assist to acquire the "Certificate of Receptacle for Dangerous Goods" (UN approval).