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JAC's products and services are based on six major pillars.


化学材料 ステンレス容器 独自技術開発 コンサルティング 各種受託 受託成膜 ALD・CVD材料、コーディング用材料、その他触媒、機能性材料 成膜材料の設計、化合物群のスクリーニング、新規化合物の試験成膜、成膜プロセス開発・評価 受託試験、受託合成、受託精製、容器整備 半導体業界で培った知識と技術力をベースにした幅広いコンサルテーション 新規プロセス開発や既存プロセス改善への積極的な取り組み、技術競争力の強化 設計〜製造一貫制作、液体供給装置、液面センサー

As a reliable precursor supplier, we have a board experience in the development/manufacturing of electronics materials for many years.
We foresee the market trend, and are trying to develop unique technology to provide cutting-edge information to the customers at all times.
We take great care in communicate with customer, and make maximum use of our experiences and knowledge in order to provide best solution and satisfaction exceeding expectation.
Please let us know what you want to achieve.
As the professional team of chemistry, we will make best effort to respond sincerely to the customer’s wants and needs.


value01Wide variety in small quantity / Custom made precursor


We can supply small quantity such as several grams of the precursors.
We have huge number of precursor list, and will select and propose the precursors most suitable for the customer’s needs.
Consulting service is our strong point. We can advise the best precursors, canisters and handling based on customer’s processes and needs.
If our current product portfolio can’t satisfy customer’s needs, we will try to custom synthesis of new precursors.
Please consult us at any time.

value02Cutting-edge Film Deposition Service

We prepared necessary and sufficient environment in which
- you can try thin film deposition test using new precursors
- you can determine optimum precursor by screening
- you can evaluate new process freely
with necessary assistance by our expert staff.

If you would like to check the film characteristics and deposition condition as a trial, please use our laboratory space and systems.

If you any problems such as “possibility of film deposition is unclear”, “it will take too much time to prepare new system and environment” etc., we can offer the solution.

The best environment, such as film deposition test performed in the lab of chemical precursor manufacturer with wide variety of precursors, can support your new business opportunity.

Please try to our film deposition service which only JAC can realize.

value03Custom-designed Canisters

We can propose appropriate canister specification (including valve etc.) best suited for customer’s requirements, such as type of precursor, filling amount etc.
Based on careful discussion with customer, the experienced staffs will design (CAD drawing) and manufacture the high-quality canister.

The feature of our canisters:

  • Superior welding/polishing technique
  • All parts are made in Japan
  • Original electro-polishing technique on the welding part etc.

Our high-quality canisters are widely used in ALD/CVD process, and can be used for both liquid and solid precursors.

In addition, we can install “level sensor” (made by GO Element / Korea) in the canister.
The level sensor can detect remaining amount of precursor in the canister, and provide a reminder for canister replacement (refilling of precursor).

Please try to use our high-quality canisters which have an extensive delivery record.

value04Prompt and Flexible Action and Courteous Follow-up

We are small organization of professional staff, and agile enough to respond customers’ request quickly.

Based on interdepartmental cooperation, we will examine your inquiry from all angles and provide most appropriate solution.

We treat the face-to-face communication with customer as an important matter.
We are doing our best in freely sharing our knowledge and providing valuable information so that our customers feel satisfied and wish to keep long-lasting ties with us.

We are supplying our products to overseas, not only in Japan.
Feel free to inquire about chemical precursors, film deposition service, and canisters.
We are looking forward to serving you.


Quality Control

AS a reliable precursor supplier, we maintain the strict quality control standards in order to ensure the reliable supply of high quality precursors stably to the customers.







Shipping Inspection

Shipping Inspection