Business Field

We have been involved in development/production of electronics precursors for many years.
We offer the best solution and satisfaction to meet your expectations.

Precursors for Film Deposition

Based mainly the precursors for ALD/CVD process, we are providing various chemical precursors. We can select the appropriate precursors to meet with the customer’s needs from our broad product portfolio. We look forward to support your research/business with our high-quality precursors. Please consult with us at any time.

Film Deposition Service

We have wide variety of film deposition systems, and can undertake film deposition test (on a daily basis). The most characteristics feature of our system is the flexible change in the system conditions. We can easily/quickly modify our system, and can change flexibly the settings such as: gas line, heating method, plasma treatment, providing bias in wafer etc. in response to the requests from customers. We will support customer’s R&D by “Film deposition service which only JAC can realize”.

Stainless Steel Canisters

We are designing/manufacturing various stainless steel canisters such as used for liquid precursors, solid precursors, small-sized, large-sized etc. Our canisters are carefully manufactured by our highly experienced staff in an original way. We will provide the unique canisters perfectly complied with your requests.

Our Values


Wide variety of chemical precursors in small quantities / Custom order

JAC’s competitive edges are the wide variety of chemical precursors, and research & development capability.
We can supply even very small amount of precursors.
Upon request, we can also synthesis new special reagents from several grams to several kilo grams. (custom order)


Cutting-edge film deposition service

Based on the wide knowledge and know-how of board range of applications in which the film deposition technology is applied, we can propose appropriate processes, precursors and etc. in order to meet with your request.


Custom-designed canisters

We can propose appropriate specification of the canister which will be best suited for your requirements (type of precursor, filling amount etc.).
Based on careful discussion with customer, we will design (CAD drawing) and manufacture high-quality canisters.


Quick and flexible action and courteous follow-up!

We are small organization of professional staffs, and agile enough to respond customers’ requests quickly.
Not only in Japan, we have been supplying our products & services in worldwide.
Please feel free to inquire about chemical precursors, film deposition service, and canisters.