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JAC pays careful attention to the accuracy of information on this website.
However, the accuracy, availability, reliability, safety and validity of any information in this website is not guaranteed.
Even if, by any chance, a customer is harmed by using the information in this website, or be harmed by not being able to use the information, JAC will not bear any responsibility.
The information in this website is subject to change without prior notice.

JAC may change the information and/or URL of this website without notice.
JAC may update the information on this website as much as possible, but we cannot guarantee that this is the latest information at all times.
Further, the operation of this website may be suspended or canceled without notice.
JAC shall not bear any responsibility for any reason for any damages occurring as a result of changes to the information, or the suspension or cancellation of this website.

The site policy may be changed without notice, and then the customer will be bounded by modified site policy.


In principle, this website is open-link.
It is OK to create direct links to this website provided the conditions below are agreed.

  1. We do not accept links from websites that slander our company or violate public order and morals.
  2. Please use the company name “Japan Advanced Chemicals Ltd.”.
  3. Please create link to the top page (
  4. For any reason, the links should be suspended in the case JAC will demand to suspend the links.
  5. The contents of third-party’s websites that contain links to this website (hereinafter called “link sites”) are not controlled by JAC, and JAC is not responsible for the contents of link sites, and not responsible for any damages caused by use of those link sites.

5.Personal information protection

JAC will use the personal information (including name, address, phone/fax number, e-mail address) of the customers to provide our products, services and related information.
JAC shall take all reasonable and appropriate security measures for preventing disclosure to third parties.